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Where to buy Anabolic Steroids online

For years now people have been looking for where to buy anabolic steroids online. It is really hard to buy anabolic steroids online because ;

  • 90% sites are simply scammers.
  • Most sites send fake products. Original products are at least 10 times more expensive than the fakes. So avoid from too cheap steroids. For example; Sustanon at just $1 which has just testosterone propionate instead of 4 esters. Actually, the biggest problem is that the fakes are not sterile and may cause serious health problems, even death.

How to Use Anabolic Steroids?

When you start using anabolic roids you will probably use for years not only once. Here comes the bad part.
1. Never ever get addicted to juicing.
2. Anabolic steroids are even can be healthy if used correctly but if not will cause serious side effects.
3. Educate yourself very well before you decide to use gear.
4. You must be at least over 20 to start using them. Young guys, be patient your blood already full of testosterone.
5. Always check blood levels while on a cycle, if you have any medical diseases like heart, liver, kidney stay away! Best to consult your physician before starting any drug regime. And you must use ancillaries like Arimidex, Letro, Clomid, Nolvadex, Pregnyl, Proviron.. during cycles and pct(post cycle therapy).
6. For organ support and detox use natural supplements like Milk Thistle, Liv 52, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ala), multi vit. minerals..
7. Drink lots of water while on a steroid cycle to flush your organs and consume at least 200gr protein daily for optimum results.
8. We believe 8-10 week steroid cycles are safer but for optimum results 12 weeks is ideal. You must give at least 12 weeks between each cycle. Actually more off time is always better.
9. You should use whey protein, creatine, glutamine, amino acids and test booster supplements like zma, D-Aspartic Acid, nettle root, Tribulus in off periods.
10. Many people are afraid of needles, but injectable steroids are always safer than just orals. It is best to stack injectables with oral steroids. Injections are very easy against common belief. Never use the same needle again and never share needles with other guys.


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